What if it's going to rain?

In case of rain the trip will be postponed for the next day or you can get full refund back without any fees and hidden costs.

What if I want to cancel tour?

The tour can be canceled at any time, except for the last 7 days before of departure for scheduled trip (full refund).

What if I cancel trip within 72 hours before departure?

Blue Cave team will give their best to sell your tickets to other guests. In 90% of cases we manage to sell it.

What if we want to bring kids?

This tour is not recommended for children under age of 4.

What do I get except boat ride?

Trip price also includes fresh water on board, insurance for all passengers, equipment for snorkeling, lifejackets.

What to bring?

Towel, hat, swimsuit, sunglasses, spare clothes, camera, sunscreen, wind jacket

What if we are stuck in traffic jam?

The speedboat will wait you for 30 minutes, maximum but you need call us and inform us that you late.

Is there any risk of booking and prepayment?

There is no risk, because anytime you can get your refund, the only thing is you can pay you trip 20% less.

What if we want to be alone on boat, without other guests?

In that case we can offer you private trip, with even cheaper prices, with the possibility for changing route plan